Theme of Sigil

“Yeah? Think shit is tough? Get over it. This is life for all of us, and no amount of bitchin’ or moanin’ gonna solve it. In this city of doors and blood, all of us are just scroungin’ for the bits left over for those ‘oh higher then us’. Welcome to Sigil. You don’t like it? You don’t have a fucking choice.” -Adams McJack


Welcome to Sigil, City of Lost Things. Every manner of truly lost object in the world ends up on the shore of the grey city. Once here, there is no going back. A thriving city on its own, rich in technology and knowledge, magic has begun to fade into the background save for the most useful of spells. In its place are inventions such as the radio, the telephone, the automobile, among many others. Robust theater and entertainment, glowing neon lights among the grey streets, and boistrous bars on the busy corners, there is no shortage of life despite the bleak situation. But the city is also built upon secrets, and to walk its streets in ingorance is a death sentence. Powerful nobility, cunning deceptions, and the sinful taint of the blood are ever prevalent, and while the answers seem so within reach….perhaps some things are best left unanswered.


Systems in Sigil:

- Sin – Every kill in Sigil is counted against you, so choose wisely how you proceed. To kill too many or too often, you may find yourself in grave peril not just from city enforcement, but from yourself. Read more about the Sin system in the campaign wiki.

- Influence – Sigil is a heavy social encounter campaign, and your interactions with NPCs are valued highly. Every interaction will influence the city around you, whether that is positive or negative is up to you. While side RP is never required, it is highly encouraged to maintain healthy influence among your NPC connections.

- Living World – Sigil is a single city, but much exists beyond your party. Actions, decisions and events are occuring at every moment even outside of the party’s area of influence. Should the NPC influence sway in either direction too much, you may find Sigil start changing as a whole around you.

- Open World – Sigil will, for the majority of the game, be an open world exploration. While quests will be offered and hinted at, often encouraged, you are never expected to follow them. The city is open for your questioning and adventuring.


Character Creation:

-Moderate-Complex game difficulty

-20 Points for Point-Buy stats

-Magic, psionic, and alchemist classes are open

-NO divine, nature, or learned spell-based magic classes

-Level 4 start

-One trait (additional trait if you take a drawback)

-One story feat (upon approval)

-Feat Tax rules

-Characters receive no additional bonus traits/feats/abilities/gifts from DMs at creation

Additional character allownces (new to Ailorian games):

-Automatic Progression

-Background Skills


If you have any additional questions about the details of the campaign itself, please check the game wiki. This will be a source of common knowledge about the city, and the world it exists in.

The Nightmare of Sigil

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