The Nightblade of Sigil

Kitsune Warrior


The creature before you… It was clear it was a Kitsune of some type. His fur as jet-black as the night sky… well for those who would know what that would look like. The tip of his tail and his paws were white, and his face was a lighter gray in color. His tail was longer and seemed richer in fur than most other kitsune. His sharp orange eyes could be seen darting around the room from time to time, and his Ears twicting also ocassionally to try to keep his surroundings in check. When he was in converstaion with someone, smiles would appear across his maw, and he seems warm and youthful. When he thinks he is alone though, his eyes look much older than what he portrays himself as.

He though does stand a few inches taller than the average kitsune, and was built just as lean.

Most of the time this creature… Nightblade, kept his clothes nice. He wore a white shirt, brown slacks, and a brown jacket. He wore shinguards on his leggings, as his pants would cover all the way down to his feet. Upon his belt, he seemed to carry a few different items. But the strangest thing to how this kitsune was dressed, was a small white marble that hung around his neck in a rope-chain. He also wore a orange and white stripped scarf around his neck to keep him warm.


He says he was not born in Joltuun, but raised in Rheydia. He mentioned that he was a bodyguard and was raised by someone who wasn’t his parents. He didn’t really say much else.

he did mention that he was a self-taught Tailor, as with his line of work, he’d had issues with his clothing being destroyed.

The Nightblade of Sigil

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