The Nightmare of Sigil

The First Night Outside
Nightblade's log Entry 2

The writing below is scrawled quickly in common. A few drops of blood cover the page which contains this entry

It is strange, being so weak again.  In both being here and what happened outside. The Crossing did not go according to plan, as we were in one of the most dangerous Planes Sigil had to offer. I would be lying if I said… I wasn't excited for it. It felt good being there, I could feel it's power strengthen me. Though my thoughts were refocused when I heard the screams of terror and helplessness. Those screams, not coming from a worthy victim, but from what sounded like an innocent.

The others said I was foolish, but if they knew what I had been through, what I have done… They'd understand that I truly didn't have a choice in the matter. The creature that I thought I was protecting, was churning my insides with her arm. She was a creature I have never seen before. Normally I could smell the demonic infliction onto people… But nothing is normal here in Sigil.

I am sure I will be getting a talking to from the others, how I, an outsider, will die out there.  I wont survive if i keep doing what I thought was right. But it does not matter. I will keep doing it.  After all, I don't deserve Her if I just cower and survive when I could be helping people, as She always wanted to.

This was signed intitally with a large "I", but then it was crossed out just to an NB

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