Black Market and Bones

Sigil is home to one of the darker, more intriguing methods of casting spells on oneself. Using intricately crafted bone charms, made from the bones of one pure of sin, some spells are able to be imbued into the shards for use later. While potions are consumed, they can be a hassle to carry around and maintain and take precious time when in need. Bone charms are always kept on hand…and arguably are quite fashionable.

Bone charms are something of contraband, but if you look hard enough you'll find shops that have a few in stock. The infamous Black Market is impossible to contain in Sigil, both due to its economy and its ability to relocate and hide so efficiently. Bone Charms are superb objects to sell among the black markets, so they're very frequently available.

These charms follow the same rules potions do, with only minor alterations to how they're used. What spells are prepared varies wildly on who's selling or crafting. Please note that the divine spells are unable to be selected.

Bone Charms

The standard bone charm is a single, humanoid bone shard (often a finger bone) that is devoid of any serious flaws such as sin taint or fractures. Severely damaged bones are incapable of holding spells. Up to three charms can be held in an object called a Charm Clasp, which are usually designed to be pendants or circlets.

*A charm is twisted in its clasp to activate the prepared spell.

* Single-use only — once consumed, the bone charm is gone.

* Limited to spells of 3rd level or lower.

* No special magical training required — anyone can use a bone charm and gain the benefit of its magic.

* Must be physically manipulated in some way (twisting in its clasp, or otherwise activated with custom clasps)

* Must be in the user's hand to be used.

* Use provokes attacks of opportunity.

Black Market and Bones

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