Illicit Substances

A number of materials and substances are restricted and/or prohibited entirely within Sigil for various reasons. As always, there are several underground ways to get ahold of said substances, especially with the rampant use of many of them among noble houses.


Reason for use – Lifting of woes, relaxing/amusing state of mind, taste

Reason for prohibition – Limited quantity and a destructive/addictive nature

Alcohol is a massively popular substance, being taken from the shore even moments after it washes up. There's a healthy supply within the city, both from being washed up on shore and having several breweries in town, but is difficult to obtain. It is sold at extremely high prices, legally, only by licensed dealers. The issue arises at the fact that the only alcohol licenses (outside of taverns) in the city are issued to noble quarters, where lower class individuals cannot easily go (or easily afford).


Reason for use – Relaxation and pain reducer, sedative for those with chronic illnesses and 'conditions'

Reason for prohibition – Addictive and dangerous in large doses. Known to induce a condition known as 'sleeper', in which the user begins acting and speaking in their sleep.

Created from various fungi that grow along the western shore, sleepers are best known as the main ingredient in legal sedatives (which are pricey in themselves). Rampant among gangs for business, the illegal Sleeper can be mass created and sold at cheap due to its endless source supply.

Sleepers (refined) – PROHIBITED

Reason for use – Inhibits sleep

Reason for prohibition – Potent, and extremely dangerous in moderate doses. Difficult to rouse from sleep, creates a comatose state.

When sleeper drugs are refined, through methods well hidden from the city, they become a comatose-inducing substance similar to a poison. With no known cure, the only ways to rouse one from a Sleeper overdose is to wait, and hope they can be properly sustained until then. In carefully measured doses, refined Sleepers can grant a user the most satisfying sleep they've ever experienced, negating any dream or nightmares they may face.


Reason for use – Heightened senses, satiates hunger and thirst, useful among low income houses

Reason for prohibition – Highly dangerous due to suppressing basic needs, potentially toxic if not created properly

Created from the island's natural creatures, geldust is essentially dehydrated ooze. There is no short supply to oozes, leading this to be the most common and widespread substance in the city, despite efforts to curb it. Some of the native oozes are known to be corrosive and even toxic, and certain processes during creation ensure such qualities are neutralized. However, due to the extensive time this takes, some looking to make quick money skip the process and the dust has a good chance of killing its imbiber.

Mentistopic Potions – PROHIBITED

Reason for use – The user perceives reality in different ways, leading to each use to be a unique experience. Common effects include vivid colorful vision, hearing light, and feeling lucky.

Reason for prohibition – Unpredictable reactions from the user, potentially dangerous and even lethal

Creation of mentistopic potions is something of a mystery that no alchemist seems willing to share. Whatever materials they use are kept secret, and well hidden from the city so their trade can continue. They're sold at fairly high prices in the few black shops around the city, though some addicted regulars has sold their lives into 'services' for a continued supply of potions.

Chromatoma – PROHIBITED

Reason for use – Highly hallucinogenic, inhibits pain entirely, can suppress effects of certain elements

Reason for prohibition – Source of ingredients too dangerous to allow

Chromatoma once was a widely used substance, especially the red and black varieties to help with the Crossing. For many years, vials of chromatoma were purchasable for mere copper, until the source of their creation was made public: Chromatic, even metallic sometimes, dragon organs. When it became known that not only were dragons living in the city, but they'd been killed, chromatoma was immediately banned from sale and use. The vials available today are usually leftover stores from earlier days…though it always seems to never run out.


Additional Substances: 

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Black Water

Blood Sap


Dreamtime Tea



Luna Milk



Illicit Substances

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