The term 'noble' is often thrown around throughout Sigil, but all in all it refers to someone who either personally or their immediate family has connection to one of the thirteen noble houses. Sometimes these people have either come into their noble name simply by birthright. Others have clawed their way to the top by blood and sweat.

Those of the bourgeois live within elaborate and decadent houses in a section of the city walled off from the rabble. Owning a house in this area is difficult enough to come by in wealth alone, but one must be accepted and receive permission by many a different noble. It is still possible however.

Throughout the nobles and bourgeois of Sigil, the drow of the city make up the most of them. This is especially certain as there are 13 drow noble houses that each have power within the city, with their lines being frequrntly connected with some aspect or service within the city. 

  • House Azinrae; this house is known to provide funding for the Academies within Sigil, many of its teachers coming from house Azinrae or at least being sponsored by them.
  • House Dolour; at one point this house provided a great many slayers to the fold, now trains drow cutters and bodyguards to the nobles and any that can hire them, along with very skilled Abyss Walkers.
  • House Rasivrein; provides and maintains the servant market throughout all of Sigil as well as their matron owning the Ebon Heirloom Casino.
  • House Tracinoa; funds many of the steam companies that build and maintain the steam lines that run throughout Sigil, also owning several companies that provide large amounts of clean water and many devices to create both.
  • House Vexidyre; many wealthy store owners with investments all over the city comes from this house, also the creators of the Cabinet of Business, a set of rules and overseers that businesses within the city must follow.
  • House Vonnarc; teachers and researchers of the arcane arts come from Vonnarc. As such, the house often has close ties with the house Azinrae, but the Vonnarc instructors remain of their own house.
  • House Caldrana; known for their forges and weaponsmiths, they also make hookgears and keep many of the hooklines functioning. The house is known for having a funding in nearly every forge within the city, but keeping their hands off otherwise.
  • House Misraria; provides what they claim are the best couriers of Sigil, having hands on both the post and the press within the city. 
  • House Moivas; exterminators of vermin and beasts, this house has a number of exterminators and other such services for dealing with unwanted mundane beasts.
  • House Parastric; masters of fleshwarping they also give funding to the hospitals and clinics, and funding to alchemical establishments for new and better treatments.
  • House Sardavic; artists and critics, they have their hands deep in the fashion and theater arts, their family name seen sponsoring nearly every performance and artful establishment in the city.
  • House Uldrinor; provide many fungus and ooze farmers on the outskirts of the city, and having several businesses that are devoted to exploring the Undersump on the nights that ring arrives.
  • House Nyvak; often seen as the more…provocative, of houses, the Nyvak noble house provides funding for several of the city's casinos, brothels, and otherwise after dark activities. The house is also known to uphold a very specific physical appearance and may strip the name of members at any given time.


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