Peregrines (also known as immigrants, outsiders, or foreigners) is the collective term for any non-native to Sigil. In other words, a Peregrine is an individual who washed up on the Lost Shore from the outside world. No Peregrine is denied entrance to Sigil, especially as they have no choice being there and no option to leave, however there is a fairly specific process to grant a Peregrine a start to their life.

Trial of Citizenship

Every Peregrine is referred to the nearest Paladin Institution to start the process of citizenship. A Trial of Citizenship is an official hearing that takes place within three days of a Peregrine's arrival, usually two to three hours long as the  individual earns the start of their own records within the city.

Heading the Trial, a Peregrine can expect:

-The Head of Peregrine Records, directing the trial and questioning, keeping records

-A First Officer Paladin, to instruct the Peregrine of the city laws, and ensure the trial follows procedure

-A Head Judge of the city, assists in the questioning and discusses comments that raise concern

-A Doctor, to conduct the Letting

-Arcane Director, from the Arcanist College, in charge of determining magic potential and placing preemptive spells 

-Current Head of the Peregrine Sanctuary, as a point of contact for their first introduction to the city

Additionally, each trial has a jury of peers to oversee the process, seven individuals chosen from among the noble class.

The Trial is something of a glorified interview, with the Peregrine being sat down in front of the directors and answering questions about who they are, where they're from, what they can do, any information they can pull. Towards the end of the trial, the individual goes through their first Letting, to determine if they've already gained any in the short amount of time they've been in the city. 

Post-trial, the Peregrine is granted an answer of what social class they're permitted to live in, and from there are directed to a boarding home in the respective neighborhood to start their life.

Peregrines in Society

As a general whole, Peregrines are treated lesser than their equivalent native counterparts. Nobles especially treat Peregrines like dirt. When given a class post-trial, its exceptionally rare for a Peregrine to be placed among the high class…if they are, chances are there's a very good reason.


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