Sin, a powerful essence found within the body of most inhabitants of Sigil. While dormant within the majority of afflicted individuals, the presence of Sin (as noted by a distinct dark blood pigment) means that they have been exposed at some point in their life. While dormant, it isn't necessarily a danger on its own, but instead an underlying threat of progressing into worse stages.

Sin requires an active management, and can be exceptionally draining on an individual. The longer one maintains sin, the worse their worst case scenario will be. As such, it is very ideal to live as pure, either avoiding killing others even out of self defense, or spending the hefty sum to be purged of sin (a long and painful procedure).

Sin is measured in stages, the later stages being extremely dangerous and visibly obvious. For details on the physical manifestations and drawbacks, see Demonic Corruption. Vile Corruption rules are used, you always acquire the stain, but you can choose not to take the gift. If you refuse the gift, you gain a +1 circumstance bonus on saving throws related to the corruption progressing. For each additional gift you refuse, this bonus increases by 1. 

Manifestations (visual and mental) tend to take the form of one of the seven deadly sins.

Gaining Sin

Sin is, unfortunately, very easy to be exposed to within Sigil, even if you never kill another being. While killing another is the most common and well known, it is why the Crossing is treated with such serious warnings.

  • Killing another living soul – This has been proven to exclude animals and demons, and seems restricted to non-outsider intelligent beings. One kill = one point of sin
  • Exposed to the Abyssal Essence – Abyssal Essence is effectively an aura found in the air and blood of abyssal creatures, and even in their attacks. Incense can negate this aura, and it is advised to have some on hand during a Crossing.
  • Accepting profane gifts – Many demons, especially powerful ones, will offer gifts of power or other bargains. In return your sin count will automatically gain a point.

The Seven Deadly Stages

Stage 1 – Dormant - The base stage, not dangerous.

Stage 2 – Active – No penalties or symptoms, but merely a status check that Sin is being accumulated in this individual.

Stage 3 – Aggression – One's mental facilities are altered, and are more apt to kill. Non lethal attacks require a will save (DC 17) to perform, otherwise lethal damage is dealt.

Stage 4 – Murderous – Non-Lethal damage is no longer an option. All damage will be dealt as lethal. *Gift stage, individual may receive a gift via Demonic Corruption. 

Stage 5 – Battle Lust – While in combat, the thrill of fighting is nearly irresistible. An individual must make a will save (DC 19) to take non offensive options. Note – The one non-offensive option available is to purposely knock oneself prone. Additionally, CHA and WIS based skills required two rolls, and the lesser roll is used. *Gift stage

Stage 6 – Fading Mind – Sanity falters at this stage, and in encounters of conflict (social and combat), the individual must make a will save (DC 20) to remain in control. Failure results in the character being temporarily DPMC, and proceed to act as such for an hour. *Gift stage

Stage 7 – Turning – Individual will attack on sight. Each kill requires a will save (DC 21). Upon 3 failed will saves, the character is deemed 'Turned' and no longer can be returned to their normal state. They are treated as demonic enemies and will need to be killed.

Losing Sin

Thankfully, there are relatively easy ways to maintain sin levels, even in the instance where killing is necessary. Even moreso, it is possible to be purged of sin, through an expensive and painful medical procedure. Due to its difficulty and risk, most people prefer to live with sin but avoid exposure to higher stages at all costs.

Option one is to go thirteen days without gaining a single point of sin. This often is handled within Medical Wards, where such a solitary environment is easily maintained, thirteen days of no accumulation will bring any sin count back to stage 1.

Another method, easier but far more risky, is killing thirteen demons. They need not be in a single night, but it must be done before gaining another sin point. After killing thirteen demons, sin will be brought back to stage 1.

Mechanics with Sin – What this means in game


Every kill will be met with a count of sin, it is highly recommended the party plans how to cover each other so no one individual gets too many points. It is also highly recommended to be smart about non-lethal attacks, or finding other ways through combat entirely.

Exposure to the Abyss occurs during a Crossing. Any party member caught without one night's worth of incense will be given one Sin point, regardless of Pure/Sin status.

Lethality of Turned – The length of time an individual balances sin is directly responsible for the size, strength, and overall power of their Turned form should they ever slip into stage seven.

Sinpurge is a purchasable process, and will require rp to find a doctor willing to perform the procedure.


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