Sigil is a fantastic city given the fact it has so little resources to draw upon. While they've managed to get by on food stuffs, artificial means of sunlight for crops, alternative means of meat, what makes Sigil so incredible is its usage of alchemy, steam, and gear works.

If there's one thing Sigil is in no short supply of its water, a near constant fog of varying thickness over the city, or heavy rain that can sometimes flood the lower districts of the city. When the great Orion Bastul from Trenton came to Sigil near thirteen years ago, much of Sigil began to advance at an astonishing rate. Steam was the power and engine source, and because of this those great metal pipes run all throughout the city, transferring steam all throughout the city. To power lights, provide heating, to run pretty much everything. In fact, even the automobiles and motorcycles that have begun to populate the city are run on steam.

There are few other types of power sources. One would naturally assume with all of the rain and fog that captured lightning would be an obvious form of power. The rain and fog that cloaks Sigil bears no great storms or thunder so this form cannot be used. Another simple, if not incredibly effective form or power, is clockwork and gears. Clockwork constructs, granted a form of life by a spark of magic are highly sought after. Those that can make them quickly and efficiently are paid very well for their services.

Due to the lack of supplies, things such as gunpowder are short in supply and heavily prized. Due to their short in supply and high selling cost, many cutters and those that wish to turn back the demon tied have found an alternative source to firing various firearms.

A Steam Clip - A cylindrical brass container that contains highly pressured steam. This steam is then used to fire ammunition from either rifles or pistols through a series of tubes that run along arms. A steam clip runs for 25 gold pieces, however it's the steam itself that's the real prize. It costs 15 gold pieces to refill a steam clip, and a steam clip can hold 100 instances of use. All firearms use a single use (unless stated otherwise) and there are dozens of applications that use a steamclip.

Should a gun using a steamclip misfire twice, then the steamclip itself breaks in a 5-ft explosion of steam dealing 1 point of damage per 2 unused instances (so an unused steam clip that explodes deal 50 points of damage), half of which is force and half of which is fire. A reflex save DC 10 + 1 per 12 unused instances will half damage.

A steam clip has a hardness of 9 with a hp of 10.

All firearms sold within Sigil have been modified to be functional with a steamclip or cartridges that utilize gunpowder and a metal casing. Firearms that use a steamclip and bullets are considered to be early firearms, whereas those that use cartridge bullets are considered to be advanced firearms. Cartridge bullets, dragon's breath, entangling shot, flare, saltshot, adamantine, pitted, and silver do not follow the cost rules of the 'Guns Everywhere!' rule and count their listed price. These bullets are all considered to be cartridges and are referred to as such

Other instances of a technological marvel are the hooklines that crisscross all over Sigil. Long brass lines that twist and turn all over the great roofs and buildings. A mechanical handheld device called a hookgear can be attached to a person's wrists, that allows them to slide and rocket along the city. This is considered to be highly dangerous, and is most often used by couriers trying to get about the city quickly. These lines are also quite exclusive, and acquiring a hookgear is usually an ordeal in itself.

Steam is a valuable commodity, and those that own steam reserves, steam converters, and the like, are very highly prized. It can be sold or stolen, and is often done so in one form or another.

Other such notable advances in technology, nearly all either oversaw or created by Orion himself include:

  • indoor plumbing; all save for the lowest class have access to individual bathrooms.
  • Telephones; while personal telephones are still expensive, communal phones are near everywhere
  • Building lifts; sometimes called elevators are in all of the taller buildings
  • Radio; placed in near every bar, Sigil has a host of radio stations to chose from. From game shows to radio shows radio is the talk of the town.
  • Nickelodeans and the Movies; recorded videos of short cartoons, the news, and just recently longer shows called 'movies' is becoming an instant boom within Sigil. Actors everywhere are trying to get their time on the silver screen, and more and more such theaters are beginning to show up.
  • Improved Printing Press; faster and far more effecient then the Riltarian design, the printing press gets newspapers out near daily all throughout Sigil. Several newspaper designs fight for the people's silver, and those dedicated seek to bring the truth to the populacem


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