Theater and Fashion

Culture in Sigil evolved over the continuous mixing of many world cultures, becoming its own secluded bubble. One of the most emphasized pieces of Sigilian culture is the boundless love of theater, performance, and a flash of fashion. So intertwined into the city life, the flair for theatrics is deep within even an individual's everyday words and actions.


Nearly every Sigilian, regardless of class, has seen at least once theater performance in their life. Many, especially nobles, make it a regular occurrence, and keep up with every current performance running.

Viewing a performance is an honorable affair, and treated with class even for the classless. Being clean and groomed, well dressed, and in your best manners are all expected in and around the countless theaters in Sigil. Many Peregrines have likened the culture to that of religion, where theaters are the temples.

Performances are major events, and several have been acclaimed and reproduced multiple times due to their popularity. While new productions are by far the most common, they only run for a month on average while more famous reproductions could move around the city for two or three months at least. Some famous productions, such as "Backalley Rally" and "Two Roses Down" are even yearly, seasonal productions due to their outstanding reception.

On occasion, new and rising productions gain enough traction to spread like a wildfire across the city. The talk and atmosphere around these particular performances is a noteworthy occurrence for nobles and is treated like one would treat the finest wine, spending large amounts of wealth to see the performance as many times as they can before it ends the run. Some, like the current rising performance "No Way to Paradise", starring young triple threat Azdra Maedrel, introduce new celebrities into the ring of performers, which Sigil as a whole adores and will babble excitedly about for weeks.

Theater and Fashion

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