The Nightmare of Sigil

Journey Tracker

6/2 – Adams brings the party together, taking them out for their first test in the Crossing. Crossing goes wrong, and ends up in the Winding Wood.

6/3 – Midnight, the group investigates a strange Monochromatic region that has stained a neighborhood of Bell District, just northwest of the Old Haunt. Morning: Lord Rathallion personally invites Adams (and the party) to a dinner party on 6/7. Later that day, the party travels to Riverbend to meet with a doctor, and then to Market for a day of shopping. Crossing Destination – Ivory Labyrinth

6/4 – Adams introduces the group to the job board, and to his long friend Lady Lavender. The group selects a job to investigate a spirit and a murder at the hotel/residence of Channelview in Uptown. Adams does not accompany them. The party succeeds in the investigation, exterminating a poltergeist. They take on their second job and examine a series of attacks originating from the Emporium, a toy store. They spend their night and Crossing fighting the enchanted toys there, terrorized by the screams of Shax. Crossing Destination – Charnelhome

6/5 – Day off, the party splits ways for relaxation, shopping and healing. Crossing Destination – Shibaxet

6/6 – The party departs to deal with a mystery between the Five Adders and Gin Runners gangs, while Nightblade departs on his own temporarily. The party reunites later that day, following a lead to a mysterious cult that has been using eyeballs from the murders to summon horrifying hand creatures. The trail leads them to an abandoned warehouse neighborhood in Highland Knoll, but the group is forced to retreat after a tragic loss of a party member to the overwhelming cultist numbers. Destination – Cathedral Thelemic. *Character Death – Juniper - Turned by sin*

6/7 – The party is invited to a party with Lord Rathallion, a dinner so he can subtly not so subtly enlist Adams to work as his bodyguard. After some misadventures among the Crown Ward, the group meets Lady Scorn, the cold matron and wife of Lord Rathallion, and their son Zakiel, an obsessive and excitable young teenager. Dinner commences, with Azdra being offered and agreeing to serving Lord Rathallion in return for her honor and status being restored. Dinner is cut short by an attack of a demon: one of Lord Rathallion's guard turns without warning, and the group disposes of the threat after much struggle. A breach is discovered in a cellar construction area under the palace, leading into an unmarked sewer, but the group declines investigating further, rest desperately needed. Destination – Blood Clefts *Character Departure – Azdra - Employed by Lord Rathallion*

6/8 – Party downtime. Adams takes on a mysterious job and disappears early morning, stating he will not return for a couple days. Destination – Kurnugia.

6/9 – The party accepts a job for the Undersump, to gather residue from a Gunpowder Ooze. After a near-disastrous venture into the abyss, the party returns successfully with the required amount. Destination – Undersump.

6/10-6/12 – Adams proposes a dangerous job to the group: infiltrate the Crown Jewel Ball in attempts to meet with a drug dealer, originally planning on delivering a lethally potent sleeping drug. For several days, the group prepares for the ball, including receiving new outfits, masks, and etiquette training. Destinations – Midnight Isles, Ivory Labyrinth, Barren Wood

6/13 – The day of the Crown Jewel Ball, the group (Adams included) arrives at the ball fully dressed, and in character to blend with nobles. After participating in festivities, and a few pranks, the mysterious drug dealer is located among the main ballroom. Unsuccessful at getting more information from him, or the drug itself, the job is failed. As the ball comes to a close, the attendees are witness to a fire mage's charm, and the return of the so called Scoundrel. Lord Rathallion orders the ball to evacuate as the two intruders vanish in smoke. The party's departure is marred by Adams' panic in the car, but a realization that someone had returned to the inescapable city. Destination – Blood Clefts

6/14 – A meeting with the Head of the Black Roses, Commissioner Bullurk, introduces several possible jobs…very discreet. First, three magical artifacts of incredible power, currently missing. Second, a couple of strange murders within the vicinity of Conover Way, same block as the Scoundrel's Place. Each murder seems linked to him, as both bodies held a note with the Forbidden Mark upon them. While investigating, the remaining witnesses all told different parts of a story, and the group wound up getting involved with a mysterious midnight deal… Destination – Charnelhome

6/15 – The party is offered several jobs to handle at their own pace, including tasks such as a tree of misery which proved a heavy task at hand. The clocks predict a second venture to Charnelhome, to end the day. Destination – Charnelhome

6/16 – Morning is occupied with a job involving what appears to be living incense lanterns. Adams then sends the group to investigate one of two locations with daytime demon reports, and a possibility of a demon gate. Upon arriving, they meet a young girl named Anya, who's only companion in her burnt down house appears to be a massive but pacified demon named Marley. With the demon gate under the remains of the house, the group decides to wait for the crossing to destroy it. Destination – Charnelhome



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