‘Thirteen Dead in Scoundrel’s Terrorizing Return – Dirty Deeds Exposed!’

Several days after the tragic events of the Crown Jewel Ball, the city has seen little but rumor and word of the supposed Scoundrel. However, the thirteen lives lost that night appear to have some connections, and what had once been believed to be random acts of violence are now stirring with conspiracy. All thirteen individuals have been identified and are as follows:


  Fanalni Sardavic (Drow, male) – Powerful supporter of Rathallion, known as one of his closest allies. Demon mage, capable in potent summoning spells, guilty of summoning demons into the city for revenge strikes against enemies (be it physical, or just dissenting opinions). Several innocent passerbys caught in collateral.

  Sundudh Caldrana (Drow, female) – Guilty of orchestrating several murders within and near her own house to ensure her position high on the ladder, several violent and involving innocent collateral damage.

  Khodizis Vexidyre (Drow, female) – Matron of the Vexidyre House. Infamous for corrupting the Cabinet of Business to let her favorite locations get away with multiple illegal actions. Such hand-waived actions include murder and crippling blackmail of lower businesses.

  Vekzu Vexidyre (Drow, male) – Nephew of the Vexidyre Matron. Abusing his aunt’s position of power to blackmail several businesses into bankruptcy over petty things, and using his mere presence to strongarm better deals.

  Gesesha Nyvak* (Drow, female) – Guilty of tempting several individuals into the halls of Cathedral Thelemic after insulting her within her business, or other petty reasons.

  Ahkuzi Rasivrein (Drow, female) – Guilty of holding a large amount of servants to herself, children especially, taken both from her own house and from the shore.

  Girard Yvett (Human, male) – Guilty of rigging the High Ridge Black Roses into looking away from certain crimes, using an exuberant amount of money stolen through dirty deals and blackmail.

  Sir Willis Wymar (Human, male) – Guilty of accepting bribery to have the High Ridge Black Roses look away from certain crimes.

  Formwick Grimms (Human, male) – Guilty of being a part of the Corruption cult murders, survivor from the Highland Knoll fight.

  Genevieve Silveis* (Human, female) – Niece of Viscount Perellan, guilty of debting two individuals to life-long servitude and hindering any attempts of freedom.

  Endryl Alagaia (Elf, male) – Guilty of intentionally poisoning an apartment building’s water supply to collect on the plummet in value and rebuild upon it his way. Four people died.

  Lotte Snapdragon (Gnome, female) – Guilty of joint black market deals in cheap sin purging to collect in bones for trinkets. Two people died.

  Ghimlick Pebblewedge (Gnome, male) – Guilty of joint black market deals in cheap sin purging to collect in bones for trinkets. Two people died.


‘Demon Gate Vanquished – Scoundrel and the Slayer Possibly Acquainted!’

As of last night, the gate connecting the city to Charnelhome has been demolished, giving Sigil a breath of fresh air as we can only hope Shax will not be returning for some time. The Last Slayer and his hired assistants made efficient work of the gate in the Parish, but it appears they were not the only ones. With the Scoundrel and his accomplice being sighted on a nearby rooftop, it’s anyone’s guess why they would be so interested in the Slayer, or why the Slayer would not deal with them swiftly. Possible acquaintances? Or has the Slayer lost his awareness?


‘Possible Demon Sighting – Crown Ward’

Confirmed reports of a demon has been sighted within the Crown Ward, a dark and monstrous creature that has been patrolling at night across the rooftops. Blood was located on one such roof, perhaps after being hunted down, but no corpse or signs of struggle were ever reported. The Crown urges the city to be diligent in the event they spot a wandering demon, as it appears to be unconnected with the Crossing and may not be a summon.


The Nightmare of Sigil Sareii