The Silver Scope Press -

'Death Toll Hits Triple Digits – Unexpected Tragedy in the Winding Woods' Two days after the unexplained crossing into the Winding Wood, official death counts have risen into the hundreds. With the city expecting to spend the night in the least dangerous ring, many were caught unprepared and in no reasonable position to defend themselves. Unfortunately, these deaths have not been finalized, with the toll still rising as more casualties are reported. The cause of the strange crossing is still unknown, even last slayer Adams McJack admits to confusion and concern. The city is left in a state of terror, unsure of if this will happen again. In the meantime, it is best urged people stay indoors during a Crossing regardless of the destination, and always have an escape plan if caught out.

'Bountiful Returns From the Ivory Labyrinth' Yesterday’s haul from the Ivory Labyrinth brought Sigil a vast amount of food, with several shops in Market reported as ‘overstocked’. While this won't last long, it is a much welcomed sight after last week’s visit to the labyrinth. Sigil is experiencing one of the most successful years of returns thanks to a surge of skilled abyss walkers, and many hope the trend will continue despite the large risk involved. Hopes rise especially in the face of increasing numbers reducing such a risk.

'Terror in Kenton – Another Body Found Missing Eyes' Fear ripples across the neighborhood surrounding Hayes Road in Kenton, as a body was found floating in the canal late yesterday afternoon, missing both eyes and no other evidence of injury. This is the third reported of such incidents, with tensions rising over the possibility of a local serial killer. However, with recent conflicts between local branches of the Gin Runners and Five Adders, many have attributed the deaths to gang activity. While the recent body has yet to be confirmed or denied connection to either of these gangs, both earlier killings had such ties. The Black Roses ask that anyone with possible leads report to your local branch office.


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