Demons come in all forms within Sigil, due to the nature of the Crossing taking the city between thirteen different realms. 'Dretch' is the specific term for a lesser demon, more beast than a race, but they are frequently referred to as demons as a whole. Aside from the certain demons that assault Sigil, there are a number of impossibly powerful demon lords that seek to control all of Sigil. Sending their forces, some through direct assault and others through more subtle means, all are evil to their very core. So powerful are these demon lords that they can even provide abyssal gifts to those that worship them. This of course, is incredibly illegal, and the rare cults that spring up do to just this are quickly dispersed. Their members either killed or imprisoned. The Demon Lords are listed below;

Jubilex, the Faceless Lord 
The ruler over all slimes, oozes, jellies , and other disugsting and foul ooze-like creatures. No account has been made of Jubilex so no one knows just what he looks like. Still, none can deny that they have heard the name before, and other lesser demons fear his all consuming appendages.

Xoveron, The Horned Prince
A massive four headed many armed gargoyle, Xoveran wishes to bring ruin and destruction to all of Sigil. His worshipers are the many gargoyles that cling to the stony buildings of the city, though its said that not all gargoyles worship is might.

Nocticula, Our Lady in Shadow
A seductrous in all forms, Nocticula desires not the city itself by its people. She commands many succubi and likewise many other demons and foolish mortals that have fallen to her beauty.

Socothbenoth, The Silken Sin
Brother to Nocticula, he desires the same as Nocticula; the people of Sigil itself. Creator of many deviant demons, this demon lord is the master of incubi and those that fall to their perverse and taboo natures.

Shax, The Blood Marquis
Sadist and torturer, all should fear a visit from Shax. To him, Sigil is a place to torture more souls and create pain wherever he can. A city such as Sigil would make an amazing place of torture and murder, and he wishes to convert all of the city to his twisted designs.

Areshkagal, The Faceless Sphinx
A true demon, Areshkagal seeks to destroy all of Sigil. To her the city is a defiant call and one that would be better off in a heap of rubble. Her hordes sent out are incessant and seek all the more destruction.

 Orcus, Prince of Undeath
Debatebly the most powerful of the demon lords, Orcus commands hordes of undead to flood the city. The souls and bodies of Sigils residence are fodder to him, and he seeks all that he can to add to his infinite army. The spirits that cling to Sigil are terrified of him, for the mere presence of his undead hordes threaten to warp their minds by the negative energy they emit to warp their souls into something far fouler then they are.

Abraxas, Master of the Incantation
One of the oldest demon lords, the Master of the Incantation knows countless dark secrets both arcane and beyond. Mages who find themselves born with a sorcerous bloodline find his call to be near impossible to ignore, and mages have found themselves twisted by his command when the Crossing occurs.

Lamashtu, Queen of Monsters
A mighty demon lord, she rivals for power alongside Orcus. Her children are numerous and powerful, and destroy much as they tear through the streets of Sigil. Fodder and food for her children, Sigil is a means to more worshippers and by that more power. Her art of creating demons is unrivaled by many, save for Shivaska and Orcus. She is currently in feuds with Pazuzu.

Pazuzu, Lord of the Sky
Master of the air and the demons that fly amongst it, Pazuzu has only recently fallen behind Lamashtu in terms of power. He takes his rage out by descending upon Sigil himself when the Crossing passes by his realm, and delights in rending apart mortals in all their forms.

Mestama, Mother of Witches
An ancient crone, she is the patron of hags, witches, and hateful widows. Her machinations are convoluted and impossible to derive, and what she truly seeks is beyond comprehension. Her hate for men however, is told time and time again as those that serve her seek to torture men in all their forms.

Baphomet, Lord of the Minotaurs
Ruler of the mighty minotaurs, Baphomet seeks to turn Sigil into his greatest creation; a maze through which none can escape. His children, demonic minotaurs and other such beasts, are said to evade capture for many days, and require many people to deal with. More cunning then one would expect, more then just a few times have he and his worshipers outsmarted and cut down those that would take them more then just brutish beasts.

Shivaska, The Chained Maiden
The master of the Winding Wood, many consider Shivaska one of the most terrifying demon lords in all of the abyss. For it is her followers, her unnatural creatures that defy all means of should existing, that slayed so many slayers in the past. So very little is known about Shivaska, for only a paltry handful have entered into a the Winding Wood and have come back out, and those that have had their minds driven far past the breaking point.

While many more demons exist, their listings and categories will be revealed as the game continues. These listings will be written below;


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