Domesticated Animals and Agriculture

Domesticated Animals

Animals are a rare luxury within the city, even for the most resilient of domesticated animals. To own one is regarded as a show of class, but are a very much sought after companion.

Dogs have been the most successful animal within the city, some being trained enough to be hunting companions during the Crossing. The city even has a population of dogs that have grown wild on the streets, and lurk among the lower class neighborhoods looking for trash to feed on.

Cats are extremely rare, and their general uselessness in training makes them exclusively luxury creatures. 

Birds have been found to not exist well within the city. Small birds that require seeds tend to not find food, as seeds are too valuable to be sold as feed. Larger hunting birds may find a shortage of their usual prey, but successful keepers have managed to train them for simple deeds: messenger duties, hunting and scouting, and retrieval. Note: Sigil is home to a very large population of crows. Their nature as scavengers has allowed them to grow and flourish within the city. While they are hardly considered domesticated, they are passive. It would be a poor idea to eat one, however, crows never forget.


The island Sigil resides on is limited in usable space, and while the city only takes up half the island, the remaining half is unsuited for proper use. As such, what little useful space is found is used as efficiently as possible.

One such example is the Farm District, where massive buildings cover and contain some of the most viable farming ground from the exposure of the Crossing and the sunless skies. The Alchemist's College is credited with some of the inventions that keep these farms running, such as special lights that mimic sunlight, and processes that replenish used land similar to tilling.

Farm district, located on the southern edge of the city, accounts for 80% of the city's consumption of meat and crops. The remaining 20% comes from within the city grounds, by those individuals wealthy enough to produce safely.

Sigil has seeds from plants found all over the world, but are cycled out as space is limited. Crop 'seasons' rotate and are difficult to predict.

Crops successfully grown in Sigil:

-Beets, cabbage, carrots, garlic, peas, potatoes, radishes, spinach, turnips, chives, mint, rosemary, 

Livestock successfully grown in Sigil:

-Chickens, sheep, pigs, goats, rabbits, deer (rare), cow (rare)

Domesticated Animals and Agriculture

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