Shore of Lost Things

There is no escape once you wash upon the shores of the lost.

The Shore of the Lost Things is a massive shore that runs a long span of hte land mass that is Sigil. Near every inch of it is littered with all manner of things. From crypts, broken ships, countless bodies, the list of things that come to Sigil are limitless. Scavengers are constantly upon the shores, searching for anything that might be of value that have come from the outside word to later pawn off. For here, on the beach, is the closest connection anyone on Sigil has to the world beyond the city. For many people, this place is many people's first introduction to Sigil. On these gloomy, water shores can they see the ever rising city in the foggy distance.

The waters surrounding Sigil can only be walked so far into before those that do so are wept away forever. A drop off some refer to, refuge and sewage is poured out of the city to these drop off points. From the shallower parts of these waters, horrific creatures neither demon nor magical beast sit in these waters waiting to prey upon those that would be so foolish as to seek treasure.

Treasure of which, the shore has plenty to offer. Firearms, drenched gunpowder that can be dried, precious metals, the shore can provide things the city simply does not have access to. Whole ships have come onto the shores in the past, and those that did were praised with so many pieces to the world beyond. Some of the most daring fools will go to the shores, but those that do so find their steps harried by those that live there, and demons that have hidden themselves amongst the objects.

Shore of Lost Things

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