Urban Legends

Sigil is not without its own share of stories and legends, below are some of the most well known tales. 

The Scoundrel

A well known tale, especially among theaters and stages, is that of The Scoundrel. This tale had its base in historically confirmed events from a hundred years ago, of a man of prideful flair and a taste for the finer art of acting. He once raised terror among every street in the city, ending the success of any who dared seek greatness so that only he remained.

While even the mere mention of the scoundrel is punishable by law for a multitude of reasons, several superstitious behaviors can be traced back to the events of the scoundrel. Behaviors such as:

- Wishing others the 'scoundrel's luck'. Depending on how this phrase is worded, it could be the equivalent of wishing someone the best of luck for a great event, or wishing to see them fall in their endeavors. As such, the term scoundrel's luck can be a threatening comment if the intention is unknown.

- The two faces. Institutions such as theaters may keep a hidden replica of the scoundrel's mask within their halls, split in half. The two halves are hidden in different locations around the building (The specifications vary by individual), and is said to welcome the success loving spirit of the scoundrel and grant great fortune and luck.

-The number 13. As is told, the number 13 was the scoundrel's favorite number, and frequently went out of his way to repeat the motif around him, such as in dress and dine. 13 is viewed as a horribly unlucky number, so much so that no building in sigil has a 13th floor, nor do any set of stairs have 13 steps. No wall has 13 windows, and no floor 13 planks. Oddities can still be found around the city where things that once had 13 associated with them have been altered in some way.

- Among children is a popular game called Seeker Scoundrel, a form of hide and seek in which only one individual hides while the rest attempt to find them. Upon being located, the hider must flee and find a new hiding place. The game ends after ten minutes (hider victory) or if the hider is tagged (seeker victory).

The Lady of Pain

Arguably one of Sigil's most known fables is that of a beautiful, spectral woman known as the Lady of Pain. Though her appearance differs from tale to tale, the most common description is that of an elegant woman dressed in a flowing, tattered silver dress. Pale grey skin to match her garment, and moonlight hair, she's said to be a list wandering spirit that haunts the streets of the city, seeking out one who hurt her in her time of living.

Stand not to the Lady of Pain, or she'll turn you to bloody dust just for looking at her.

The Hatter

Possibly the most whimsical of legends in Sigil is that of the Hatter. Regarded as something of a boogeyman, the Hatter is an enigma to the city. In some stories, he leaps through dreams, consuming the nightmares of children. In others, he appears and disappears by flourishing his hat as if it were a doorway in thin air. 

When things go wrong, its not uncommon to utter a curse on the Hatter for his meddling.

The Crown of Murder

Somewhere in the city, it is said there is a court of crows, led by a strange half man, half bird individual who has the flocks of the city at his beck and call. The crows of Sigil, as the fable goes, know all that happens, know all rumors and whisperings, and have witnessed every murder in the city. The crown leader, however, is the only one who communicates with them. A friend of crows is a friend of the crown.

It is terrible luck to chase off a crow, and the most skeptical of individuals will offer small scraps of food if one is near. 

Doors to Nowhere

Many Sigilians have claimed to have witnessed the mystery that is a door to nowhere. One who goes to open a door, expecting it to lead where it should, may find instead a white threshold of mist, or a black abyss beyond the doorway. Some say if you enter, you never return. Others, you don't dissappear, instead you appear in a random door somewhere else in the city.

There is no proof to the multitudes of claims, but the number of claims is staggering and enough to lay some suspicion that this legend is true.

Whispers of the Deep City

An especially common urban legend among Peregrines, possibly brought about thanks to the city's system of sewers. Those who walk alone at night may hear the ghastly moans from the sewers, voices that if you listen too close you may find the voice drawing you down into the depths. 

The Temple of Misery

Less a legend itself, the Temple of Hagenworth is said to have some unfortunate souls lingering about its place. In the absence of clerics and gods the temple had been used to worship, wandering souls with nowhere to go are said to collect en masse within the temple's deep halls. Cries of pain, moans and wails echo from seemingly no source, in such a manner that it drives a man to madness.

Urban Legends

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